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Cameras & DVRs residential - commerical

Looking for additional cameras or a DVR system for additional security?

Columbus Security has the solution for you. As long as you have an internet connection you can *monitor your system.

Business surveillance systems, home security cameras and hidden cameras can vary in appearance and function. But most all video surveillance camera systems are primarily meant to deter, or detect illegal activity, as well as serve to ensure the physical safety of loved ones.

Some popular applications for home or office surveillance systems are:

  1. Store/Business Surveillance - Theft Prevention/Curtailment
  2. Door Entrance Monitoring/Video Intercoms
  3. Recording Home Parties
  4. Baby/Child Monitoring
  5. Looking in on Baby Sitter
  6. Monitoring Backyard Pool
  7. Keeping Watch Over a Bedridden Loved One
  8. Observing Unsupervised Repairmen
  9. Catching Vandals Destroying Property
  10. Lawsuit Prevention Against "Slip and Fall" Scam Artists
  11. Keeping an Eye on Pets
  12. Reduce Employee Turnover by Providing a Safe Environment
  13. Reduce Shrinkage and Employee Theft
  14. Enhance Physical Security Effectiveness
  15. Reduce Liability Insurance
  16. Cash Register Surveillance

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