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Reducing False Alarms

Reducing False Alarms - Consumer Tips

False alarms take police away from real emergencies.

False alarms are not merely embarrassing, they endanger responding authorities and your whole community. Setting off a false alarm is like dialing 9-1-1; the police will respond thinking there is an emergency. False alarms can lead neighbors to ignore your alarm if it goes off repeatedly; it's like "crying wolf".

In effect, your security system becomes less credible.

False alarms may make you reluctant to arm your system -- exposing your home to undetected theft or fire.

False alarms can cost you big fines in many U.S. cities and towns. In fact, in some instances, chronic abusers may even have police response suspended.

76% of false alarms are caused by user error.

To reduce that number, make sure anyone with a key to your home knows how to operate your system. Make special arrangements for guests or repair technicians.

Routine maintenance can greatly reduce false alarms. Have your security company check and service your system (including batteries) regularly. Also, call your security company immediately if your system doesn't seem to be working correctly or before you do any remodeling.

Don't panic. Remember your security I.D. code.
Find out if there really is an intruder or fire and respond appropriately.
If the alarm activation was accidental, carefully disarm your system per your system's instructions.
Not every home needs all of the above. Give us a call to assess your home's specific needs.
After you've reset the system, wait for your monitoring station to call you.

Don't leave your home or business until you've spoken with your monitoring station and assured them there is not an emergency. BE PREPARED!

Rehearse alarm cancellation with everyone who might use your system.
Make sure everyone who has a key to your home or business knows how to operate the security system.
Give all system users the name and number of your monitoring station and a security I.D. in case the alarm sounds.
Keep your security system instruction book, monitoring station's name and phone number handy (but not in an obvious place where an intruder can find it!)
Call your monitoring station if you change your phone number, get a pet, plan to sell or remodel your house, or test your system.